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… in case you are wondering how many are following this blog and what are its most popular topics. It is somewhat depressing but understandable to see that our posts on NSERC’s new ways have been  the most viewed (The most popular is not even ours!). This should not surprise. Early and mid-career researchers, who are disappointed, even wounded by the outcome of questionable peer review, need to know the full story before they revert to self-doubt, get demoralized and give up. They are looking for answers that bureaucracies are sometimes not eager to provide.

Access to information is essential for the role of academics and researchers in shaping their discipline and in governing their institutions. An increased transparency is an instrument for promoting trust and participation, and an antidote against wrong headedness and abuse of authority. This blog has been a modest contribution to this task. The quest for more accountability, transparency and inclusion will continue.

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