Tea partying is busting the NSF budget

US House Republicans released a continuing resolution (CR) bill proposing to cut $100B from FY11 budget. How did the National Science Foundation (NSF) fare?

The new CR bill for FY 2011 will cut NSF by 5% from the FY 2010.

The FY 2011 Budget Request proposed an FY 2011 NSF budget of $7,424,400,000.

Under the CR the NSF FY 2011 budget will be $6,567,010,000.

The CR budget is $857,390,000 below the FY 2011 Request.

The total cut adds up to $359.5 million below the FY 2010 appropriated budget level.

Budget lines are at the FY 2010 levels except for R&RA, MREFC, and EHR.  These three budget lines have been cut.

1.    Research and related activities (R&RA) – $5,467,920,000 (CR level)

2.    Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) – $54,790,000 (CR)

3.    Education and Human Resources (HER) – $725,760,000 (CR)

4.    Agency Operations and Award Management (AOAM) – $300,000,000 (FY 10 level)

5.    National Science Board (NSB) – $4,540,000 (FY 10)

6.    Office of Inspector General (OIG) – $14,000,000 (FY 10)

The FY 2010 appropriated amount is $6,926,510,000.  FY 2010 R&RA level is $5,617,920,000; FY 2010 MREFC level is $117,290,000; FY 2010 EHR level is $872,760,000.

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