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Louis Nirenberg (1925-2020)

By Professor Ivar Ekeland, le 17 Avril 2020 Nous sommes nombreux, en ce jour de janvier, à avoir reçu le message : « Louis est mort cette nuit ». On ne parlait pas encore du COVID-19, qui était encore confiné … Continue reading

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Shiny, happy, oblivious science

by Dr. Jim R. Woodgett The government of Canada released a budget on April 19th, 2021, the first for two years. It was, as anticipated, a high spending, deficit projecting budget that clears the ground for pandemic recovery with its centre … Continue reading

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Why I am voting against the tuition increases for domestic students

During my previous two terms on the UBC Board of Governors from 2008 to 2014, I always voted in support of the administration’s maximum government-allowable 2% increases in tuition fees for domestic students. But things are different this time. The … Continue reading

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NSERC corrects a mistake, but many remain unaddressed

No, I am not talking about the sudden and probably more consequential recent change in NSERC’s leadership, but about an accounting mistake. Yes, it looks minor, but it speaks volume. As I mentioned in a previous post, I resigned last … Continue reading

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Calling on #UBC to step up and support our alumni Loujain Al-Hathloul (Arts, 2014)

29 May 2018 Lindsay Gordon, Chancellor, UBC Santa J, Ono, President and vice-Chancellor, UBC Dear Mr Gordon and Dr Ono: “Pursuing excellence in research, learning and engagement to foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society across British … Continue reading

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President Arvind Gupta on the essence of the academic mission…and an endorsement

Originally posted on Commentaria:
By Professor Arvind Gupta Dear colleagues, As many of you are aware, there is a by-election for a faculty representative to the Board of Governors. This is an important election for UBC Vancouver faculty, and I feel…

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Salient points of Daniel Heath Justice’s letter of resignation from the UBC Sexual Assault Policy Committee in response to Furlong’s reinstatement

Originally posted on Commentaria:
Dear Professor Ono, I read with dismay the announcement yesterday that John Furlong has been reinstated as a UBC fundraising speaker. … There were many responsible and compassionate ways this matter might have been handled that…

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Research funding of Mathematics and Statistics in Canada

A submission from the NSERC Mathematics and Statistics Liaison group, to the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development, on research funding of mathematics and statistics in Canada. 1. Mathematics and Statistics in our research system; revolution, or a … Continue reading

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Saving the UBC Senate from itself

Originally posted on Commentaria:
Much has been made at UBC on the subject of governance, sparked by such diverse issues as the sudden resignation of Arvind Gupta, the violation of academic freedom that occurred in the aftermath of the resignation,…

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An open letter to Faye Wightman, Chair of the UBC Alumni Board of Directors

Originally posted on Commentaria:
From Roger Francois, Professor, Canadian Research Chair, FRSC, UBC Alumni ’87 (PhD) Dear Ms. Wightman, I could not attend the meeting of the Board of Governors on April 14th because of a scheduling conflict but owing…

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An open letter to Stuart Belkin, Chair, UBC Board of Governors

Originally posted on Commentaria:
Re: Ms. Wightman’s presentation at the April 14th meeting of the Board of Governors From: Prof. Kalina Christoff, Department of Psychology Dear Mr. Belkin, As a faculty member at UBC, I was delighted to hear today’s discussions…

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Why I Lack Confidence in UBC’s Board of Governors: Its Disrespect for Faculty

Originally posted on Commentaria:
By Jennifer Berdahl, Montalbano Professor of Leadership Studies, Sauder School of Business There are many statements by faculty explaining why they lack confidence in the University of British Columbia’s Board of Governors. Our BoG is dominated by political…

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Open Letter to the Elected Members of the UBC Board of Governors

Originally posted on Commentaria:
“The Board of Governors shall promote a culture of integrity at the University through its own actions, its interaction with senior executives and external parties, and through selection and review of the President.”—UBC Board of Governors Code…

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A statement by Dr Arvind Gupta

Today UBC released a number of documents related to my resignation as President and Vice Chancellor of the University of British Columbia. As a result, I am compelled to comment on the documents, their content, tone and the accuracy of … Continue reading

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UBC Faculty Association response to the report by Honourable Lynn Smith

Dear Colleagues: The Honourable Lynn Smith, Q. C., completed her fact-finding process last week and presented the parties with her report. We thank Professor Smith for her fair and impartial process and for producing a high quality, nuanced report, a … Continue reading

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Shared governance hits rock bottom at UBC, by Professor Stephen Petrina

The Board of Governors’ rejection this week of the Faculty Association’s request for accountability in President Gupta’s resignation marks the low point of shared or faculty governance at the University of British Columbia. It’s a shame that UBC sunk to rock bottom … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence uncovers how Gupta and Montalbano became blood brothers

In view of the sudden resignation of UBC’s president and the limited but informative statements provided by the Chair of the Board, a colleague decided to perform a computer-assisted reconstruction of the events that led to the resignation. She fed … Continue reading

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Why the UBC Leadership Crisis Matters Beyond the Ivory Tower, by Professor E. Wayne Ross

The ongoing drama at University of British Columbia may look like a tempest in a teapot, but the dispute among university governors, managers, and faculty has implications that reach beyond the ivory tower. Two principles are at the heart of the … Continue reading

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Canada loses again

By Nancy Reid, Professor, University of Toronto and Officer of the Order of Canada This was the subject heading in an email I sent to an American colleague, on learning of Arvind Gupta’s sudden and unexpected resignation as President of UBC. … Continue reading

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Beyond UBC’s clumsy announcement regarding Gupta’s resignation

There are many puzzled, devastated, concerned and angry friends, colleagues and citizens wanting to learn about what happened at UBC last Friday evening. How can a promising energetic UBC president with far-reaching and refreshing ideas be led to resign after … Continue reading

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