What do these 3 new NSERC programs have in common?

Take a guess. Answers and more will be given tomorrow.

See attached presentation below, to get the full shpeel.

1. Discovery and Innovation Frontiers

• Address national research priorities and global challenges.

• An agile, flexible and responsive approach will promote strategic partnerships at the global level.

• Focused on industrial innovation needs.

• Minimum amount from NSERC – $1M/yr

• Contribution from partners, $500K/year (at least 1/3 of direct costs)

Rapid turn around: 4 months; closely work with staff

2. Interaction Grants

• Give companies that operate from a Canadian base and researchers from Canadian universities an opportunity to meet and identify a company- specific problem they could solve by collaborating in a subsequent research partnership.

• Maximum of $5,000, for 3 months

Delivered by NSERC Regional Offices

3. Engage Grants

• Foster the development of new research partnerships between academic researchers and companies that  have never collaborated together before, by  supporting short-term research and development  projects aimed at addressing a company-specific  problem.

• 6 month projects, maximum of $25,000 from NSERC

Not peer-reviewed, 4-6 week turn-around

Partner owns the IP

• 412 applications received, 347 awarded; 89% success rate

Delivered by NSERC Regional Offices

NSERC university industry programs UBC Dec 2010

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