Upcoming “Pieces of Mind”

Here are some of the issues I will be posting on in the next few weeks. Please chip in if you will. More on how you can help us inform the academic community, follows at the bottom of the post.

  • UBC Land Use Plan (the sequel): Now to the balancing act between academic priorities and the market place.
  • UBC’s AMS president keeps implying that his fellow councilors might be supporting terrorism. What does this do to UBC President’s call for respectful dialogue?
  • Houston, we have a problem! Major governance issues at UBC’s Board and Senate.
  • Should we borrow more, and if yes, how much can a given administration mortgage the future of a university?
  • Are we done with the “Too Asian?” issue? Not us!
  • Canada’s Innovation effort: Should the universities be in the driver’s seat?
  • Time to rethink NSERC! Focus on basic research and merge the RPP with other similar federal programs.
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation: How obsolete is its mandate becoming?
  • Efficiency in program delivery: What about initiating a competition between federal bureaucracies?
  • Academic freedoms: Real threats or preventative pressures?
  • Branding Canada as a post-secondary educational haven: what comes after the first baby steps?

Here is how you can help.

  • Publicize this forum through every social medium you can think of, from Twitter and Facebook to gossip and word of mouth.
  • Bookmark it, or better, subscribe to it and you will get notified whenever a new post is up.
  • Comment on the “Piece of Mind” posts. Be as tough as you want, but fair. We need to know what you think.
  • Send us ideas for issues that warrant attention on this blog.
  • Help us with expertise on health research (CIHR), the social sciences (SSHRC), and the environment.
  • Give us leads for informative stories, and scoops that the major media ignores, whether by choice or not.
  • Alert us to embarrassing errors, typos and to missing links.
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