Why I Lack Confidence in UBC’s Board of Governors: Its Disrespect for Faculty


ByJenniferBerdahl, Montalbano Professor of Leadership Studies, Sauder School of Business

There are many statements by faculty explaining why they lack confidence in the University of British Columbia’s Board of Governors. Our BoG is dominated by political appointees who represent a narrow band of British Columbians: wealthy business people who donate to the Liberal Party. Some of these appointees appear to break tax and FIPPA laws. Our BoG has little faculty voice: compare the 3 on our Board (15%) to the 12 on UofT’s (25%). Our BoG is unique among its peers in not belonging to the Association of Governing Boards, which provides guidelines for best practices in selecting and training board members, managing conflicts of interest, and conducting business in a transparent and accountable way. These structural weaknesses of our Board undermine good governance at UBC.

But for me, it boils down to this: over the last eight months, our BoG has openly disregarded…

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3 Responses to Why I Lack Confidence in UBC’s Board of Governors: Its Disrespect for Faculty

  1. frustrated says:

    Disrespect for Faculty- yes especially for departments without the protection of FA eg.
    Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing …. populated by many Psychopathic admins with absolutley
    no accountability to anyone or anything!

  2. anon says:

    With no confidence on Bog i would say the no 1 incompetent person
    would have to go immediately, no other than the Board Secretariat

  3. analyst says:

    Interesting to read Anne Gorsuch opinion in Vancouver sun April 9

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