US republicans more supportive of science than …

…. their counterparts in the democratic party! I know, I know, you have all been eagerly awaiting “the deficit reduction action plan” of Canada’s three research councils. You will surely not get it from the “rosy” picture portrayed in the messages of at least two of their Presidents (not here, not here, while the silence here is more telling). I can confirm however that serious “re-allocations” will be happening and that certain programs will be totally eliminated. I can also vouch for the collective angst, at least in the academic ranks, vis-a-vis the so-called “concierge” service to help businesses with their R&D needs. But all this will have to wait till tomorrow. Today’s story is coming from south of the border.

Indeed, the House and Senate Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittees (CJS) marked up their respective bills this week, and here are the FY 2013 budget numbers for the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The Senate CJS subcommittee, which is controlled by the democrats,  has given NSF a FY 2013 budget of $7.273 billion, which is an increase of $240 million over FY 2012 (which was at $7.033 billion)

On the other hand, the House CJS subcommittee, which is controlled by the republicans, has given NSF a FY 2013 budget of $7.333 billion, which is an increase of $299 million over FY 2012.

The difference between the Republican House and the Democratic Senate recommendations is $59 million! Interesting, Eh!

Here are the details for the House CJS NSF budget

1. Research and related activities (R&RA) $5,942,693,000

2. Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) $196,170,000

3. Education and Human Resources (HER) $875,610,000

4. Agency Operations and Award Management (AOAM) $299,400,000

5. National Science Board (NSB) $4,400,000

6. Office of Inspector General (OIG) $14,200,000

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2 Responses to US republicans more supportive of science than …

  1. John Stockie says:

    I find it disappointing — even insulting — that the messages from CIHR and NSERC are so similar, and clearly drafted in unison. Are these actually the words of our granting council presidents, or instead a press release drafted by a government bureaucrat? As a scientist, I would have liked to hear from the head of my granting council a frank and honest assessment of how this budget will impact science and scientists in Canada. Sadly, I think we’ll have to figure it out for ourselves.

  2. Ghoussoub says:

    You are expressing what many of our colleagues are feeling, John. However, the presidents did level with the VP-Rs, hence the information included in the next post.

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