Andy Rooney and the skills required for fame

Andy Rooney, a fixture of CBS for over 30 years died on Friday at the age of 92. I confess that he had been one of my favorite American characters ever since I landed on this continent 35 years ago. Was it because he seemed to always be able to speak his mind on “60 minutes”, whenever “the urge hits him”?  Was he the American substitute of Charlie Hebdo’s Professeur Choron, who provided my daily dose of  “Bête et méchant” during my student years in Paris? On the subject of higher education –supposedly relevant to this “Piece of Mind”– the NYT reminds us that Rooney once said:

“It is possible to be dumb and be a college president,” but  “most college students are not as smart as most college presidents.”

He also declared that most college catalogs “rank among the great works of fiction of all time,” and that a student of lackluster intellect who could raise tuition money would find it “almost impossible to flunk out.”

Then I remembered the following graph that my daughter sent me the other day, but couldn’t figure out where does Andy Rooney fit on it. Could you?

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