How do we see each other

Viewed so far by 153,373 people, retweeted 2302 times, this creation by PhD student, Matushiq Sotak, became an overnight sensation when it appeared about a month ago. I have asked him if he can make a new grid on how Professors, Postdocs, Graduate students, Politicians and Granting Agencies Bureaucrats see each other. Stay tuned!

I surely hope that’s not how my postdocs see me!

“How people in science see each other” (created by @biomatushiq)

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1 Response to How do we see each other

  1. Mohammad says:

    I liked how a postdoc sees another postdoc. Truely, I saw you differently and I don’t clearly get “biomatushiq’s” point regarding (postdocs seeing professors 🙂 ).

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