How much of Japan’s suffering can we comprehend?

Not much. “However horrifying the pictures, however moving the reports, there’s a limit to how much suffering people can take on board – and it’s extremely low.”

Writing about any other subject now is nothing but an unbearable display of the lightness of being.

The problem is that the Fukushima story hasn’t been fully told yet, nor is it over. It is much worse than they’re letting on.

In this crisis, we are all Japanese.

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1 Response to How much of Japan’s suffering can we comprehend?

  1. Florin Diacu says:

    The suffering in Japan is beyond our comprehension. But I have to quote my friend Toshiaki Fujiwara, a mathematician at Kitasato University near Tokyo. In a message sent two days after the earthquake, he wrote to me: “Our parents and grand parents reconstructed Japan from debris and moral crisis after World War II. Now, we and our children will reconstruct Japan, again. This time, the whole world is our friend. We are really encouraged and so happy.” Human solidarity can make wonders, indeed.

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