A happy new year built on informed consent

Let it be a year where “the unrestricted flow of information is again seen as the life of democracies”, and — I may add– of strong national and international institutions. No, I am not talking Wikileaks, but about more mundane stuff such as …

policies and decision making processes of Governments, Universities, and their Bureaucracies, in matters that concern us here: Research, innovation, and post-secondary education.

Access to information is essential for academics and researchers to realize their basic right to participate in the governing and shaping of their institutions, and to live under a system built on informed consent. An increased transparency is an instrument for promoting trust and participation, and an antidote to inflictions under which wrong headedness and abuse of power thrive.

This blog has been a modest and relatively successful contribution to this endeavor. Close to 10,000 hits in less than 7 weeks is not bad, but more help is needed. This forum allows to transmit, but also to seek information and opinions from colleagues on all issues pertaining to their professional interests.

The quest for more accountability, transparency and inclusion continues. It applies,
• to the UBC community in all matters pertaining to the role and responsibilities of the Board of Governors, and
• to the research community at large in issues dealing with policies and decision making processes of government agencies and the bureaucracies that come with them.

Many thanks to the handful of colleagues who send tips, story leads… and corrections. More contributors are needed so as to keep as many of us as possible “in the same loop”, equally and uniformly entrusted, informed and empowered.

Happy New Year everyone!

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