To the Board of Governors they bring maturity, wisdom, and gravitas

… And to me, they bring comfort and hope in our future as a society and as a country. Sean Heisler, Ben Glassco, and Azim Wazeer are currently the students’ elected representatives on UBC’s Board of Governors. Three remarkable young men, who impress a great deal.

Intelligent, knowledgeable, and hard working, they carry their weight around the Board like no other. Firm but collegial, open but effective, critical but constructive, they put, more than any one else, their mark on the Board’s agenda.

I go to them for advice and guidance, and not the other way around.

The students’ interests are definitely one of their primary concerns, not because they see themselves as their representatives, but because they realize that a content and successful student body is key to the University’s future.

They have been magnificent in handling the pressures of various highly charged discussions, from tuition hike plans to land use amendments and Transit. They have asked the right questions, made the right suggestions, and argued for the right things, all in challenging circumstances.

Making a difference in Board proceedings is not for the faint of heart.  They have.

I tip my hat to you fellow governors!  We not only envy your youthful energy, but also your wisdom.

Your achievements on the Board are also worth celebrating at UBC’s Blue and Gold review.

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