Tu quoque fili

Gordon Campbell is not gone yet, but the Business council of British Columbia can hardly wait to start dismantling one of his main legacies. It is urging the Liberals to “pause and re-set” their climate policies — noting that “the world has not unfolded” with as much vigour on emission policies as the government envisaged when it set out on this course in 2007.

In other words, others’ failures (to apply the Kyoto Protocol) should lead to more failures!

BCBC executive vice-president Jock Finlayson raises questions “as to whether policy-makers have a sufficient understanding of the economic implications.” The government’s plan to cut industrial greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent “cannot be achieved unless the government is prepared to countenance a dramatic scaling back of production and employment in several of B.C.’s biggest export industries,” the BCBC says.

Scary stuff, indeed!

According to Kevin Falcon, one of three candidates campaigning Monday in energy-rich northeastern British Columbia: “B. C. is not an island unto itself. Whatever we do, we need to have partners doing it with us.”

Wasn’t it the argument we heard in Copenhagen? What good will it be if the Chinese keep at it? It is only fair that we all sink it together.

“It has to do with what’s right for the environment in a smart and pragmatic way,” said council president Greg D’Avignon.

What can we do without all this wise corporate pragmatism!

However, not all observers share the business council’s concern. Matt Horne, B.C. energy solutions program director for Pembina Institute, supports B.C.’s plan, but believes B.C. must be more, not less, aggressive.

Doesn’t it remind you of the little “Gaulois” fighting the Romans, but without the “potion magique”?

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