We made the top 10 of Charbonneau!

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s being written about postsecondary education in Canada, but there are at least 10 bloggers that I do try to read regularly. Here they are, grouped somewhat haphazardly and in no particular order:

1. Speculative diction, written by graduate student Melonie Fullick, who is also a prolific Twitterer (Tweeter?), @qui_oui.

2. Deans’ weblog, by various contributors at Dalhousie University’s graduate studies department.

3. The Black Hole, which offers career advice for science grads by David Kent and regular contributors (Twitter: @scienceadvocacy).

4. Our own Careers Café: by Jo VanEvery and Liz Koblyk (@jovanevery and @unicareers, respectively).

5. Adventures in Canadian Post-Secondary Education, from Memorial University professor Dale Kirby (@dalekirby).

6. Ivory Tower Blues, by University of Western Ontario professors James Côté and Anton Allahar (Twitter: @jecote).

7. The Classroom Conservative, by University of Lethbridge professor Craig Monk.

8. Piece of Mind, by Nassif Ghoussoub, a professor of mathematics at the University of British Columbia (@NGhoussoub).

9. FedCan blog, published by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (@fedcan).

10. Eye on Higher Ed, by Alex Usher, on the Globe Campus site (@CanEdProject).

There are many others, of course, and I apologize if your blog isn’t listed here. I had to pare it down to get to an even 10. But, if you have others to suggest, please share them with us.

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