Physics Nobel catching up with Nobel for Peace

Simple structure, Complex debate

I thought I was the only one whining about our colleagues not getting the Nobel prize for Physics.Wrong!

According to Naturenews, the Nobel prize committee did not do its homework before making the 2010 award for physics.

The first background document states that Geim and Novoselov won the 2010 prize for “decisive contributions” to the development of graphene. But de Heer sees a series of errors. Other researchers think that Philip Kim of Columbia University should have shared the prize. Paul McEuen at Cornell University says that graphene had been made before the 2004 paper of the Nobel winners. A revised background document now includes the work of Rodney Ruoff and five other authors.  And I say that our Gordon Semenoff should have also gotten a piece.

I thought that these things only happen to the Nobel Peace prizes.

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