Open Letter to the UBC Chancellor Reappointment Committee

That the Board of Governors is considering the re-appointment of Lindsay Gordon as UBC Chancellor is mystifying to say the least. To those of you asking why, here is the only explanation I can think of: Some people connected to the Board -political hacks or otherwise- want to show the faculty that their collective action after the ouster of President Gupta was totally useless and irrelevant. That was the gist of Faye Wightman’s presentation to the Board then, and it may be causing a deliberate delay of governance reform that was promised a year ago. They may think that there is no better way to discourage future actions, but this should only strengthen the faculty’s resolve to take their university back.

I am therefore signing this letter.



This letter will have more impact if it comes from a group of faculty.  I will submit it to the committee with the names of all signatories on 24 April. I will in the interim periodically update the signature list.—AR

Open Letter to the UBC Chancellor Reappointment Committee

“There is no investment that is more critical to the university than our investment in the faculty. Our standing as a research university and our attractiveness as a destination for the best and brightest students all rest with the quality of our faculty.” – President Santa J. Ono

Dear Committee:

Thank you for your service to UBC.  While it is true that the reappointment of a one-term Chancellor is consistent with the BC University Act, it is disheartening that Lindsay Gordon is being considered for reappointment.  Gordon was deeply immersed in all the activities that led the UBC faculty to…

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