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When credit is due

Last week, UBC inaugurated its new Law building. So what? You may say. What’s the big deal about yet another building in UBC’s amazing journey of development and renewal? Well, to me, the story behind the completion of this major … Continue reading

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UK mathematicians unload on intransigent patronizing bureaucracy

One month after more than 100 academics, including six Nobel laureates, wrote to the British prime minister to complain about cuts to chemistry by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), today’s Guardian reports that the mathematicians of the … Continue reading

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Mathematical modeling of a bureaucrat’s song and dance

A few hours after our last post was up, NSERC produced a reply to the letter of the chair of the Math/NSERC Liaison committee regarding term limits. All what I can say for now,  is that if the staffer had … Continue reading

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Term limits and the integrity of the peer review process

Not long after the most controversial Discovery grant competition ever –at least for the Evaluation Group for Mathematics and Statistics (EG 1508)– NSERC announced that 3 out of the 4 members of that EG Executive –who were at the center … Continue reading

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Running for the Board of Trustees of the American Math Society

An old friend of mine (and a superb analyst/probabilist/mathematical biologist & geneticist) e-mailed me last January. “I am sitting here in the meeting of the nominating committee at the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The committee hopes that you will consider … Continue reading

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How do we see each other

Viewed so far by 153,373 people, retweeted 2302 times, this creation by PhD student, Matushiq Sotak, became an overnight sensation when it appeared about a month ago. I have asked him if he can make a new grid on how … Continue reading

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Restoring sanity!

Do you remember last year’s Washington, D.C.’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear led by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Well, here is a banner from the march, that was held high by an obviously concerned, though non-identifiable, Ottawa bureaucrat.

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