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The astronaut and the mathematician

President Stephen Toope and his wife Paula Rosen hosted a lovely reception last night at their house in honor of Julie Payette and Louis Nirenberg, this year’s recipients of UBC’s honorary degrees. With her familiar gracious and humorous style, the … Continue reading

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Beware the British Bug

The news for British universities are particularly bad as of late. Higher education will suffer major budget cuts under a recent spending review released by the British government. Excluding research support, which will remain flat, the amount of money going … Continue reading

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Thickening connections?

NY Times’ conservative columnist, David Brooks, writes about what America needs to do to achieve success in the future. “Building that America means doing everything possible to thicken connections: finance research to attract scientists; improve infrastructure to ease travel; fix … Continue reading

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The art of recycling funding announcements

“Canada boosts university research funding,” screams the CBC: a whopping $275.6 million into science and technology research. A closer look shows that all what they are announcing (again) is this year’s installment on what past governments had committed a long … Continue reading

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Why this blog?

I have been scratching my head for a while as to what it means to represent the faculty on the Board of Governors. How can I know the issues that my colleagues care about, and where they stand on them? … Continue reading

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“International students are our classmates and our friends …

They deserve to be treated fairly by our institutions and our government,” said Meaghan Coker, President of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), which represents the interests of over 140,000 professional and undergraduate, university students at seven Ontario institutions.

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Make up your mind Canada

Do we or don’t we want foreign talent to move to Canada? So many mixed signals.

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