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Confidence Game: Conflict-of-Interest, Confidentiality Clauses, and Our Public Universities

Originally posted on Arts Squared:
Three public cases in the Canadian academy over the last year and a half make it clear that we need radical change in how Canada’s universities are run. The most recent of these cases came to…

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Jennifer Berdahl and Margot Young for the presidential search committee

“This leaves me asking whether, as a faculty member, I am a “serf”—one of the humble toiling masses—whose opinion is unimportant, or who is deemed too primitive to engage in an informed dialogue about the course of the university’s future.” … Continue reading

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The faculty representatives on the UBC Board of Governors have failed us

Drs. Darrin Lehman, Richard Johnston, and Michael Treschow were elected to the UBC Board of Governors by the faculty to represent the best interests of the university. As such, they are expected to believe in, support, and protect the core … Continue reading

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UBC Faculty Association response to the report by Honourable Lynn Smith

Dear Colleagues: The Honourable Lynn Smith, Q. C., completed her fact-finding process last week and presented the parties with her report. We thank Professor Smith for her fair and impartial process and for producing a high quality, nuanced report, a … Continue reading

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Shared governance hits rock bottom at UBC, by Professor Stephen Petrina

The Board of Governors’ rejection this week of the Faculty Association’s request for accountability in President Gupta’s resignation marks the low point of shared or faculty governance at the University of British Columbia. It’s a shame that UBC sunk to rock bottom … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence uncovers how Gupta and Montalbano became blood brothers

In view of the sudden resignation of UBC’s president and the limited but informative statements provided by the Chair of the Board, a colleague decided to perform a computer-assisted reconstruction of the events that led to the resignation. She fed … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Whiteboard Workout:
If there’s a lesson to be learned from the recent events at UBC, it’s that silence can say more than words, whether you’re withholding information or telling someone else to keep quiet. That probably sounds…

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